Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dealing With Post Potter Depression

List of Harry Potter things I'll probably keep forever.
1. My complete set of books, hardcover and paperback and all my collectors bookmarks.
2. My dvd's
3. My marauder's map
4. My jewelry sets (time turner, radish earrings, cork necklace, etc.)
5. My complete collection of collectors stones.
6. My glitter Harry Potter overalls that I've had since I was in kindergarten and wore until I was in eighth grade even though they gave me an extreme wedgie and itched my legs. (I will force my kids to wear them or turn them into throw pillow or something.)
7. My Hermione Granger poster that my best friend Laurel wrote out the entire tale of the three brother out on in silver sharpie. So cool. This will be kept forever.

Things I will bear to part with.
1. My Harry Potter Lego Sets. Currently these are listed on Ebay for $250.
2. My gobs and gobs of other Harry Potter posters ranging in all sizes. I will never again have the wall space that comes with being the oldest child with the master bedroom. I bow down to poster tacky and the ability it gave me to cram 20+ Harry Potter posters in a 3 square foot area.
3.My loads of Harry Potter Board/Card Games. I will be keeping Harry Potter Uno and Harry Potter 20 Questions as these were my favorite, but I don't believe my college dorm room will give me a whole closet devoted to games of which most have that beloved HP logo.
5. My Harry Potter trading cards. I never figured out how to play this game, so they don't have much attachment to my heart except for the fact that they were harry potter so I had to have them.

I am sure there are other things, but for now I will stop ranting on my ode to Harry Potter, my life long love, and begin the process of healing my post potter depression and moving on realizing I have to grow up some time. But as a final note, in the words of Alan Rickman, "When I am 80, I'll be sitting in my rocking chair and reading Harry Potter. And my family will say 'After all this time?' and I will say, 'Always.'"

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