Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Year! New Journey! ART 2014

So, I am doing a new art journal for 2014, called Journal 52. Every week for the whole year of 2014 (52 weeks) we get a new prompt that we can interpret any way we want to, in order to create a page in our journal. So I've decided to be brave, and post all my journal pages here for the world to see. I made my journal from a 9x12, 30 sheet, 140 lb watercolor paper pad. It was the first time done book binding by myself, and so when it turned out, I was very pleased with it. I used the back of the pad for the covers and then I folded all the pages and made signatures and sewed them all together using coptic stitch binding. I'd never done this before, so I watched a youtube video to figure it out. When I was done sewing my book together, I covered it in batik fabric and decorated the front. Here is a picture of the cover. Stay tuned for photos of the rest of the pages I have completed.

Much Love, Quincy
Stay Awesome!

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