Saturday, February 22, 2014

Journal 52 Pages.

My Inside Front Cover Self Portrait
So, here are the pages I have completed thus far in my art journal for 2014. I am a little behind, as Monday, we will start week 8 and I have only finished week 5, but I'm a busy college kid, so give me a break (hehe). Okay, so the prompts thus far have been; Week 1: Up Up and Away, Week 2: Somewhere a Simple Place, Week 3: You make me smile, Week 4: Building Character and Week 5: Abstract Art. Here are those pages. (Sorry I couldn't figure out how to put the pictures in order, so I added captions)
Week 1: Up Up and Away
Week 4: Building Character
Week 2: Somewhere a simple place (inside my bookshelf)
Week 5: Abstract Art
Week 3: You make me smile

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