Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Last of My Poems

Here is the last of the poems I wrote for my poetry book for Advanced Composition.


I love the smell of Christmastime,
Cinnamon scented pinecones,
Evergreen trees
Warm apple cider

I love the taste of Christmastime,
Hot Coco with Peppermint
Fresh baked sugar cookies,
Newly fallen snowflakes on my tongue

I love the look of Christmastime.
Bright lights on peaks of houses
Icicles dripping off rooftops
A big green wreath with a red velvet bow

I love the feel of Christmastime
Warm blankets and bathrobes
Fuzzy socks on cold bitten toes
And warm hugs from family.


Time trickles away from me,
I’m losing it every minute,
A second lost, a second wasted,
Soon it will be gone,
Soon it will be my time,
It will be my time to go.


Shells crackle as they fall
From my hands
The salt reaches my lips
The nutty flavor
Fills my mouth
As I chew my favorite snack.

The Green Scarf Girl

She walks in mystery
A green scarf wrapped around her neck
Hiding her identity
Her horn-rimmed glasses
Give her an heir of intelligence
That makes me wonder
If perhaps she is a spy.


Red yellow orange
Black centers with little dots
Round little petals
With long green stems
I’m starting to feel drowsy
What is this spell they have on me?

A Cold Dark Night

The gold stars
Above my head
Glisten in the silver moonlight
I lie under this bed of night
And shiver at the thought
Of what might be coming
It chills me to the bone.

Butterfly Wings
The red butterfly wings
Glide from flower to flower
The little antennae
Suck the sweet nectar
From each new bud
The beautiful picture
Painted on the back
Of the butterfly
Glistens as the sunlight
Catches its movement
As it flutters away.

Hot Hot Chocolate

Sizzling in my mouth
It burns my tongue
But in a good way
A deep peppermint flavor
Blends with the chocolate coco
I add a few toasted marshmallows
To the top
They instantly turn to goo.
Yum! Hot hot Chocolate.

Big White Snowman

Big white balls
Of fluff
Rolled into balls
3 big round spheres
Stacked one on top of each other
A bucket for a hat
Dog food for eyes
A button mouth
And a carrot nose
Oh how I love the big white snowman

Stripped Ribbon Candy

Red and white stripes
Curled to perfection
Sweet to my tongue
A perfect confection
I’m lost in the joy
Of my favorite treat
Oh how I love
The sweet sweet sweet!

The Pearl Necklace
Each little round pearl
Was chosen with care
Plucked from an oyster
Deep down in the ocean
They’re strung on a string
I wear the strand around
My pale neck
It’s been passed down
To me generations ago
This special necklace
These pearls.

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

I hear the timer ring
I run to the oven
And take out the
Warm ooey gooey chocolate
Chip cookies
I pull one off the tray
And take a bite
The sweet cookie crumbles
And the chocolate melts in my mouth
I grab another and soon another
My only rule, don’t let them cool.

Warm Crackling Campfire

I’m surrounded by a warm,
Crackling campfire
Red and orange sparks
Follow the ash into the sky
My friends and I
Huddle in warm blankets
After a cold night of
Fun running around the farm
Playing games and
Rolling in the mud.
Now that my body has been frozen
To the bone after hours of
Non-stop romping around
It’s finally time to relax
We settle our feet
And huddle together around the warm.
Crackling campfire
For a night of stories,
Ghost stories.
A night of treats,
Smores and popcorn popped in
A little tin pan over the top
Of the rising flame.
I lie my head down on the friend beside
Me and start to drift away
I fall asleep.

The Train

Steam billows out the top
As it chugs by faster than
Any piece of machinery
I’ve ever seen
Its whistle screams
Over the hustle and bustle
Of the surrounding cities
It’s starting to slow
But still has such a powerful force
I wonder how much inertia it takes
To stop a moving train?
The conductor yells
I hurry and grab my suitcase
Packed full to the brim
And jump on the train holding
On to the cold, gold railing.
The red steam engine begins
To pick up pace again
I run to my seat look
Out the window
And wave goodbye to the life
That was once mine
And say hello to the life
That is now mine
As I begin this journey
Starting with this single ride
On the great big red steam engine.

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes
Each one is different
Has a different pattern
Made by you and me.
Paper Snowflakes,
Cut with care,
Covered in glitter
Hung from up there.
Paper snowflakes,
Each one is different
Has a different pattern
Like you and me.

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