Sunday, October 7, 2012


It's October! One of my favorite times of year. It started snowing this week, so I have pulled out all my flannel PJ's, fleece blankets, and the hot chocolate from the food storage. Is anyone else ready for fall? Here in Wyoming we don't have much of a fall. It is super hot in August and the first part of September and then by the first week of October it starts snowing. I only have a few last touches on my Halloween costume and I'm planning what to do with my pumpkins this year(which I will be posting pics of later). I have really been in the mood for pumpkin pie, mint hot chocolate, and egg nog. Stay tuned because sometime this upcoming week I should be making this blog spooktacular.
Also, please comment below if you would like me to start posting cool things that I come across on the internet, like diy stuff and tutorials, or if you would like to keep it just me.

Keep it Frightful!


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