Friday, September 28, 2012

Two More Poems

Here are two more poems I wrote for my Poetry Book. 


Blue is the feeling you get when you’re sad
Blue is the color of the clear and cloudy sky
Blue is the sound of the Chicago subway
Blue is the taste of a sweet blueberry
Blue is the color of my favorite denim jeans
Blue is the sound of a canoe paddling through shallow water
Blue is a color that’s a part of me.

The Dream

I dream of a time where everyone is kind
I dream of a world filled with people I love
I dream of a ride on an elephant’s back
I dream of seeing turtles hatch
I dream of a trip to London
I dream of a ride in a hot air balloon
I dream of family I can call my own
I dream of a husband who loves me for me
I dream of a house filled with small children
I dream of seeing the northern lights
I dream of time where I can knit and quilt
I dream of a chance to meet my favorite author
I dream of seeing my art in a gallery
I dream of changing someone else’s life
These are my dreams
This is me.

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