Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let Us Not Forget

Today my heart goes out to the people who were lost and the families torn apart during the attack on 9/11. I very young when this happened, but I still remember vividly. I was in first grade. Living in Wyoming and being in such a young grade, the elementary school didn't do much with it, but my family did. When I came home from school the news was rolling on the television. My mom was on the telephone. She turned to me and told me to hang my backpack up and come sit down. She was talking to my Grandma. My great uncle was in the pentagon that day. He worked as an intelligence and had a meeting that day. We didn't know if he would be okay. I remember how many times the phone rang at our house, information being fed when Uncle Hal checked in saying he was okay. I remember how happy I was when it was all said and done and he was okay but at the same time I was sad for all the people who's families did not make it out. Today I ask that we remember the things that happened. We remember the lives lost, and we don't forget how much this has changed the world we live in today.  post signature

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