Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Book of Poems

For one of my classes I am writing a book of poems. As I go through I will be posting them as I write them so you can kind of see what it will look like in the end. Here's the first few I've written to get this started. 

The Whispering Wind

The wind whispers in my ear
It tells me I’m not alone
The daisies wave their little hands
And tell me hello.
The leaves on the trees whistle at me
They sing my favorite song.
The baby fawn prances with me
Dances with me, and frolics with me
These beings are a part of me,
They sing a sweet melody
Portraying the voice of God,
Who says to me,
“You are beautiful.”

The Ocean
(a Haiku)

A blue, blue ocean
Waves crashing along the rocks
Summer breeze I feel

It takes me to a place
Where I set my mind afloat
Worries wash away

The blue ocean sings
A tranquil song of peace
I let it take me

The End of War
(an alphabet poem)

Among the leaves the bugs hum
Before their king they march,
Charging enemies across the field
Doing as they’re told

Epiphany comes to them,
Follow orders? NO!
Going forth among their friends
Holding their heads high
Inflicting a code of peace

Joyous victory, No defeat
King to blame
Life to be

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